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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you studying and when will you finish?

I am undertaking a Bachelor's Degree in Business (Marketing and Human Resource Management) at Federation University (formerly the University of Ballarat). At the moment I'm on track to achieve my degree by mid-2020.

Are you still working?

Yes, I am still working freelance for a few hours each week. The good news for clients is this actually enables me to work pretty cheaply: get in touch and I'll explain why this is so.

What hours/days are you free?

I always plan each semester with at least one full day set aside for work, even if that ends up being a Saturday. At the moment this is Tuesday. I can also fit in work around study commitments at other times.

Why would I hire you if you're not working full-time?

Simple: because students are cheap, baby! Seriously though, I have more than a decade of corporate marketing experience and expertise in email marketing campaigns and design, all available for the moment at ‘Student Rates’ if you're happy to work around my study.

What interesting things have you learnt so far at uni?

That I'm old. My fellow students were born in 2001 and don't know who Spock is.

The struggle is real.

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